1986 3rd Place At Los Angeles Open Martial Arts Championships- La, Usa.
1987 1st Place At 3 Nation Kickboxing Championships (Inda-pak-uae) At Dubai, Uae.
1988 1st Place At The India-pakistan Kickboxing Series At Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, Pakistan.
1988 Captain & Coach Of The Indian Kickboxing Team For Saddam International Full Contact Championships At Baghdad, Iraq.
1988 Captain And Coach For Indian Taekwondo Team For Taekwondo Team At Leciester, England.
1991 Made A World Record By Smashing 500, 1-inch Thick Wood Boards In 59 Minutes. Bombay, India.
1995 Made A World Record & Broke Previous Record By Breaking 2000 Roofing Tiles In 5 Minutes 37 Seconds. Bombay, India.
1995 Developed And Introduced In India A New Workout Program For Fitness "Kick-aerobix" Based On The Martial Arts.
1995 Introduced A Practical Self Defense Program For Women In Real Life Threatening Situations. Warda© Women Against Rape And Domestic Abuse©
1998 Coached Indian Kickboxing Team For International Kickboxing Championships At Dacca, Bangladesh.
1999 Was Awarded The Best Newcomer And Promising Actor Award For His Role In Hatyakaand, By The Sallam Bombay Awards.
2000 Coached The Indian National Team For Taekwondo World Championships Held In Dublin, Ireland. The Team Won 1 Gold Medal, 1 Silver Medal & Bronze Medal.
2000 Has Trained Personel Of The Army, Paramilitary And Police In India & Usa
2000 Has Also Starred In The Lead Role In Hindi Feature Films Hatyakaand, Phool Bani Phoolan, Double Cross, And Dada Thakur.
2000 Has Directed The Action For Feroz Khan’s Prem Aggan And Has Also Done A Guest Appearance In That Film
2000 Has Trained Top Name Filmstars Of The Hindi (Indian) Film Industry Mr. John Abraham, Mr. Akshay Kumar, Mr. Bobby Deol, Mr. Fardeen Khan, Mr. Abhishek Bacchan, Mr. Javed Jaffri
2003 Developed A New Program Especially Designed For Law Enforcement Agencies - Lead© Law Enforcement Action Defense©
2004 Developed And Introduced A New Martial Art To The World- Khan Do Kwan
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