Tae Kwon Do," literally meaning "Way Of the Foot and Fist" is a Korean Martial Art which has a 2000 year old history.

The Indian Taekwondo Association is a NON-POLITICAL martial arts organization, which is only truly concerned with the personal and technical development of each and every Tae Kwon Do Instructor, student, school and member affiliated to the organization.

In every school affiliated to this organization, we pride ourselves on teaching the correct martial art, technique, ethics Philosophy and running a successful business for instructors, rather than teach students to just win medals and tournaments while neglecting self development and character building.

At the I. T. A, we have set great standards technically and we keep striving to add on new techniques and make old technique even better. Keep Tae Kwon Do growing rather than it stagnating making Taekwondo limitless and above boundaries as it truly should be "The Way of the Foot and Fist."

The Indian Taekwondo Association is an affiliated member of The International Progressive Taekwondo Federation - USA. All Nationally and  Internationally recognized certification is provided by the IPTF.

"We teach that it is Peace, Truth and Harmony which are the guidelines to Universal Happiness. In knowing what each one of us have to give we can create a less violent, more tolerant and a better world."

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