KHAN DO KWAN - VAJRA MUSHTI MAL YUDDH A Modern Indian martial art

Khanwondo LogoAn effective fighting system for the modern times developed by Grandmaster/ Acharya Javed Khan a martial artist of international repute and standing with over 37 years of experience in the martial arts.

Khan Do Kwan also known as Vajra Mushti Mal Yuddh (Lightning Hands Dirty Fighting) involves natural movements of the human body for effective self defense and offense.

Grandmaster/ Acharya Javed Khan understood the limitations of the traditional martial arts systems, that he trained in. He found self defense applications practiced in traditional martial arts that were very impractical in many a situation.

Training units of the Military and Police made him look deeper into realistic fighting and experimentation with several different systems of the martial arts. More that he researched he found impractical and fantasy movements that would not work in the street and in real life self defense situations.

Experimenting, challenging and innovating Realistic self defense for many years Grandmaster/Acharya Javed khan introduced a practical and a total form of self defense/offense fighting system: KHAN DO KWAN.

Khan Do Kwan techniques deal not only with defending effectively against an empty handed attacker but also against deadly weapons such as clubs, sticks, knives and guns.

A Khan Do Kwan practitioner can not only defend himself/herself only as a stand up fighter or a grappler in the street. An understanding of how the human mind and body works and reacts in a real street fight or life and death situation gives the Khan Do Kwan Student an edge over his opponent. This multi faceted, multi zonal fighting system makes them very versatile in any given situation or location, making it a very effective martial art for self defense not only for strong men, but also for women, children, the elderly, Law Enforcement and Armed Forces.

On July 6, 2004, Master Javed Khan introduced and taught his first lesson in Khan Do Kwan to his students in Terre Haute, Indiana (USA). Two months later, on September 4, 2004, the 1st World Khan Do Kwan black belt test was held in Terre Haute. Six people were awarded their first Khan Do Kwan, along with their Taekwondo black belts.

Khan Do Kwan was recognized on 23rd February 2006 by the Kingdom of Bahrain (The 1st country in the world to do so) officially as a martial art after Grandmaster/Acharya Javed khan along with Master Ashraf Ali and Khan Do Kwan students of Bahrain demonstrated this awesome and effective martial art to the Bahranian government officials in Manama - Bahrain.

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Today Khan Do Kwan is practiced in The USA, UK, India Bahrain and UAE.

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